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paul's Communities :

Life [members: 19]
Everyday Stuff

The Contest [members: 11]
1. contestants have 7 days to make their best creation on a given topic
2. entries can be ANY medium, programs, pictures, songs.. anything
3. All entries must be original works created specifically for the contest.
4. there will be one topic at a time, the winner of the last topic shall decide the new topic.
5. The Winner shall be allowed to choose a title, from then until another winner is announced all other contestants must call the winner by this title.
6, The winner shall be chosen by the site admin, Jawad.
7. Entries can be hosted independently or emailed to [email protected] to be hosted on shuzak. All that is required is a link be provided in the current topic thread.
8. *new* the winner shall be awarded 100 karma, ONE HUNDRED KARMA!

Photography [members: 6]
reality encapsulated on film, moments frozen and kept in tact. A community for Picturers

Games [members: 38]
Traditional games and modern (video) games. Ludology, semiotics and kicking ass.

Internet [members: 38]
* Are you addicted to the internet?
* Do you constantly use such tools as StumbleUpon and del.ic.ious?

* Do you constantly find cool little things that you wish you could share with the masses?

* Have you ever used the word "interbutt"?

Then this group is for you!

Test Community [members: 14]
This community is for testing purposes only.

Suggest Shuzak! [members: 2869]
Suggest, Comment, Rant, and Discuss Shuzak. Since you guys are the early beta users, any input would be great.

Gadgets [members: 35]
A community for new upcoming gadgets, cellphones, and other electronics. Also available is the option to purchase cellphones from Xetabyte, a sponsor of Shuzak and this community.

Wii like it :p [members: 24] - Owner
A community for those who bow down to the Wii. :)

PHP [members: 23] - Owner
A community for those who love programming in PHP.

MySQL [members: 3] - Owner
For people who like mysql. :)

Digg [members: 21]
This community is dedicated to the social news website Digg.com.

Pirates [members: 14]

Game Programmers [members: 17]
Talk about game physics, game programming in general, artificial inteligence, socket programming, 3D math, 3D modelling, game production, game design, and anything related with game creation.

Programmers [members: 136]
We think in binary

Last.fm [members: 9] - Owner
Music lovers that use the service http://www.last.fm The site tracks all the music you play and puts it into a database, great for finding out new artists and songs. Has a great community too :)

Web Development Help [members: 10]
Have a problem with css/javascript/xhtml/php/ruby/perl or even ASP < if necessary; ajax? well post the code, ask the question and wait for answer ! (No warranty or obligations)

Law [members: 5] - Owner
For legal questions/answers and advice

Ruby On Rails [members: 3]
This community is dedicated to the Ruby On Rails MVC Framework