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PHP Classes ( 3 replies )
For anyone who is new to php, here is how a class works. ok first, here is the full code, i can't be bothered to go into detail of whats going on, but i think it is pretty clear how all of this is working, just take a close look and you will see, even try the code out so get a clearer view [code=php] ...Click Here | By paul
Regular Expressions ( 19 replies )
Are you familiar with these? Do you use them a lot? Do you like them, love them, hate them? Were they difficult to learn? I'm learning PHP and I came across regular expressions, having absolutely no idea what they were. I have an idea now, but I was hoping I could get the basics of it -- hopefully by today, so I can make them the subject of my next video tutorial-blog thingy. So general discussion about them and any tips or hel...Click Here | By LearningNerd
which is the line that divides webdev, from webdesign? ( 4 replies )
Hi all. I started working on a project with a univ. partner of working and developing a workflow system for a real estate company. Because of the project, now I have to learn PHP(i wanted to since a couple of months, but kept on using java, and doing math stuff at college, and using Joomla CMS for websites; so I didnt programmed that much during 2006). Since I started reading and undestanding the idea of PHP the engine that generates html, I got lost in something: developing a webapp is not t...Click Here | By gadget00
print or echo ( 14 replies )
i know this is really random, but do you use print ""; or echo ""; lol i find it really annoying when people use print :o...Click Here | By paul
Trouble installing PHP on windows. ( 11 replies )
from: http://www.shuzak.com/Replies.php?ID=4769&Topic;_ID=1&t;=My-VoIP-Service-Sucks To install php on windows, double click on the executable, and follow the prompts. What trouble are you having ...Click Here | By Constantine
Resources for learning php? ( 9 replies )
A few PHP sites I find useful are: http://start.gotapi.com/ http://php.net/ http://www.unixwiz.net/techtips/sql-injection.html http://hudzilla.org/phpwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page http://php.resourceindex.com/ http://www.phpguru.org/ http://www.ilovejackdaniels.com/cheat-sheets/regular-expressions-cheat-sheet/ http://www.sqlquery.com/ http://www.pantz.org/database/mysql/mysqlcommands.shtml http://www.koders.com/...Click Here | By Constantine
Idea's for the PHP community ( 1 replies )
I think it would be cool if the following could happen within the community: - Post tutorials - Post helpful php sites - Organise group projects Any other ideas? If you think this is a stupid idea, just kick me in te face lol...Click Here | By paul
Joomla ( 7 replies )
I've recently found this new CMS software called Joomla. It's based on PHP/MySQL and Apache. I was curious if anyone had heard anything about it. It's aparently been out for more than a year. I've done a lot of PHP-Nuke and Joomla seems to be a very similar approach, but better looking....Click Here | By jkmurphy


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