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Created by Seth
Date Created 09 February, 2007
all about javascript and stuff... yeah

Created by Mike
Date Created 09 February, 2007
A group for those who like to play nethack.

Created by p0ss
Date Created 08 February, 2007
a community of gastronomers

Mobile Phones
Created by Gokul Guruprasad
Date Created 08 February, 2007
A place for all the discuss about their phones, the features, the newer models coming out and the future of this ubiquitous gadget...
Created by paul
Date Created 07 February, 2007
Music lovers that use the service The site tracks all the music you play and puts it into a database, great for finding out new artists and songs. Has a great community too :)

Religious Theory
Created by Rathmaster
Date Created not available
Discussing what humans believe and why they believe it.

Created by eviljawdy
Date Created 06 February, 2007
The GP2X is GamePark Holdings handheld PMP, based on their own variant of Linux and running ARM processors - the GP2X can do everything, play games, emulators, run videos, music. It even has a TV-Out port and cable to run all those things you wanted to on your TV!

Final Thesis
Created by patrickroanhouse
Date Created 06 February, 2007
This group is to help people in shooting around ideas for final thesis papers realted to the fields of math and physics for their undergrad. Also If you want to help come up with really intresting ideas for young physcisits and mathamaticians to research and possible publishing in the jurnols

test community
Created by not important
Date Created 06 February, 2007
dont clik this

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Created by WyldKard
Date Created 05 February, 2007
For those who train in martial arts, or are simply interested in MMA events (UFC, Pride, etc).
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