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Discussing what humans believe and why they believe it.

Is religion relevant? ( 19 replies )
is there still a place in human society for organised spirituality? Do we need to be told what to believe? Is faith still meaningful? ...Click Here | By p0ss
And why is this so? ( 33 replies )
In my travels (net surfing) I have noticed that majority of Americans are extreme christians. I know that America is a christian country but so is Australia & Britain and from what I can gather we are not as extreme. I have nothing against any religion and feel that as long as it is kept as a personal trek it cannot harm anyone. I know here in Australia we are much more laid back when it comes to dating ect I mean the average age for marriage here is like 27yrs old! where as from what I can gat...Click Here | By Fibonacci's Wench
"The Flood", and other Creationist ballparks ( 24 replies )
the bible has a flood (noah's ark), the Babylonian epic "gilgamesh" has a flood story, african, chinese, indian, natives to australia and north and south america, and the greeks all have flood stories, from around the same period. there is also geographical evidence to this. religions, in my opinion, have a perfect right to exist even if they bring down other religions, because after all, a religion is, to my way of thinking, false explanations for true happenings,...Click Here | By Rathmaster
what do you believe? why? ( 44 replies )
What is YOUR personal opinion about the universe, and any higher beings you may believe in? why do you believe what you do?...Click Here | By Rathmaster


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