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Welcome to the Machine
World Domination, Stopping air polloution, and gaming till my eyeballs dry up and fall out (enlightenment)
Dune, Harry Potter, Greek and Roman mythologies, Nordic Mythologies, The Art of War, principia discordia.
People I look up to:
everyone who has attempted to take control of the world exept Hitler, Tim from CAD, the guys at Penny Arcade, Jeremy from Pure Pwnage, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Guy Fawkes, Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin, who is somewhat overrated. and the guys who invented DnD, but i forget their names
Geeky Habits:
reading, playing dnd, computer gaming, reading webcomics, discussing all of the above, writing (and never finishing) horror/scifi, meditating, and thinking about our planet and fossil fuels.

making caltrops out of paper clips

being discordian, but not a streaker.
p0ss says
You are hereby invited to join The Contest any entry, any medium, any reward. Bring it on!...(more - reply)