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Male 22
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Athiest Maryland
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I'm in the process of going to school for a double major in Pure Mathematics and Physics. I have a lot of training in software development mostly low level programming. I also have my CCNA, A+, Net+, Redhat Admin Cert, Apple Admin Cert, and Applecare certifications. I also have knowledge of how to use Solidworks and do robotics for fun. I'm a huge nerd and I fully embrace that.
Physics, Math, Robotics, Information Security, Politics, Beat & Slam Poetry, Creation Mythology
Proofs from the Book, Elegant Universe, Fabric of the Cosmos, The Feynman lectures on Physics, The Story of Phi, The Story of i (Sqrt(-1)), Surley Your Joking Feynman, What does it matter What people think, Orgin of the Species, Mathmatika, Pure Critique on Reason, Action Philosphers, Karl Marx (Das Capital)
People I look up to:
Richard Feynnman, Albert Einstein, Alan Turning, Nicholia Tesela, J Robert Oppenhimmer, James Maxwell, Kant, Decartes, Freeman Dyson, Steven Hawking
Geeky Habits:
Physics, Math problems, Poetry, Short Story Writing, Comicbooks, Robots, Teaching, tutoring
jared.nance says
hey patrick, where do you live in MD? I am in Newport News, VA, which by my watch is about 3 hours from DC via I95. Depending on what systems are running when you would want to come down, I could le...(more - reply)