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Saint Paul, MN
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About Me:
I am a loud, red-haired, greek, 20 year old guy.
I love video games, especially cool RTS games, and Day of Defeat Source.

I am sort of the official help guy for Shuzak, if you have any questions or ideas, or anything you want to say about Shuzak, I am here to help, and of course, there is always Jawad
Computers, Programming, IRC, Movies, Ladies, Video Games, PHP, Linux, Gadgets, Music, Laughs, Star Trek: TNG, Venture Brothers, Heroes, House, George Carlin, Lewis Black, Nerdcore, etc
Contact me via IM
AIM: hobote
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: dr_shabazmo
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Geeky Habits:
Internet 18 hours a day, idling IRC, Dual Monitors 8], collecting old computers "for parts", LAN Parties, smoking cigars and discussing future trends of the internet and/or hardware/software companies.

Insomnia, unemployment, mange, beard growing, laziness.
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