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Age: 20
Gender: Male
Religion: Church of Rob
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Karma: 673.9
Constantine's Zakbook
Zenobio says 07 February, 2009
ok, thanks ^^
ripsincan says 28 December, 2008
hi here whoever any body interested in modern physics with respect to relativity and quantum theory and quantun field theory?
chemidicken says 10 November, 2008
hey glad to join
how do i comunicate with others ?
the.jahn says 30 August, 2008
Why hello there, how are you?
leader says 27 July, 2008
Hi there constantine, say me one little thing, is Shuzak OpenSource?
paul.mungai says 26 July, 2008
Sweet-Jalapeno says 25 July, 2008
Ha ha ha, like the welcome!

Just one question, how do I know if a topic has a new reply?

Ovo says 23 July, 2008
Thanks alot for the welcome, I'm liking the simplicity of this site, no clutter, no rubbish, just simple effective functionality. Just wanted to ask a quick question. How many users are currently signed up to this site???


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