Introducing Teamwork
It is the contributions of people that makes a social network popular and useful. Therefore, for the sake of improving user experience, it is vital to provide whatever tools necessary to facilitate collaborative intelligence. The following is a summary of few of the projects that have been worked upon by the community members themselves. We will continue to setup more collaborative projects in the future; in the meanwhile, you are welcome to propose new projects by posting in "Shuzak's Collaborative Program" community.

I would personally like to thank everyone who made Shuzak possible and those who continue to put their energy and faith into it.

Frequently Asked Questions (Help Wiki)
Help on Shuzak had always been of concern because, well, it sucked. Fortunately, conversations in threads and the chatroom led us to develop a mechanism to allow everyone to edit the help file. The new list of frequently asked questions is completely user editable. We plan to eventually use some of the content that users add to help write Wikipedia's article on This is a completely user driven effort; so you are welcome to go ahead and add a piece of your own grey matter to it :)

Shuzak on Wikipedia
Rob Masson recently created a Wikipedia entry for Shuzak. The purpose of this entry is to open and introduce ourselves to a larger audience. The entry could use some more content, so please go ahead and edit the article. If you need help with it, please contact Rob.

Update: The initial version of the article was too small and a misunderstanding led to Wikipedia deleting it. We will add the article again once a better version has been prepared.

Collaborative Article: "Why are geeks so often atheist"
If we were to do a statistical analysis of the various religions on Shuzak, it would most likely yield atheism as the most popular belief by a large margin. The article "Why are geeks so often atheists" will probe the reasons behind this imbalance. The article is being co-authored by several writers (Rob, Josh, Hobs, Jawad, Nadeem, Tom, Possum, Jared), and is led by Ati as the main editor and co-ordinator. Please leave Ati a message if you're interested in participating in this project.

Update: The article is now available here and was recently featured as the top technology article on Digg. Good work guys!

Script to perform spell checking
The need for a dictionary is often felt when posting a reply. Hence, it was proposed that a spell check script be made available to make life a tad bit easier. Joe coded a great script to do just that. The script hasn't been integrated with Shuzak yet since its performance is dramatically hindered as the size of the dictionary is increased to 20, 000 words. It will be appreciated if someone modified the script to make it work more efficiently. We've made the full source code available for everyone.
Spell Check Code

Chat Application
Geeks love to chat. Some time ago, we coded a chat application for Shuzak that everyone fell in love with; unfortunately, it was slow and had numerous bugs. That is when lead community programmer, Josh decided to take matters in his own hands and re-coded the entire application! The result was an Ajax powered chat application that delivered real time conversations with other geeks on Shuzak. It is not yet complete, so we welcome anyone who wishes to add more features to it. Leave Josh a message if you're interested in coding it.
Chat Application by Josh

Community Contest
"The Contest" was the first collaborative project on Shuzak. In its first ever Shuzak contest, Possum and Ati challenged everyone to propose their vision of the future. The winner was to receive 100 karma as a prize. Unfortunately, due to server related problems, the judge (Jawad) wasn't able to pass judgement at the right time and the contest didn't end well. But don't lose hope; we will, in the future, host more community oriented contests. You're welcome to propose future ideas for the contest on its official community.

Community Guide
Ever wonder who is that friendly face that greets every new member? The person you can take all your Shuzak induced frustrations, concerns and suggestions, to? Well his name is Constantine (aka Hobs), and he is a volunteer who helps people around. Before Hobs, Hammaad served as the community guide. Hobs is one of the top users on Shuzak, and has better understanding of its culture than the site creator himself. So, rest assured, you can trust your problems with him :)

Do you have any suggestions for us?
Do you have suggestions on how to make Shuzak geekier, friendlier and more fun? Feel free to share with us your ideas and we will do our best to implement them :)
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