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Shuzak Theme ( 5 replies )
Well how about it? Poss was making one but hes been busy lately. Want to try just collaborating one? I figured it'd work like the contest: every line someone submits, it's voted with karma, line by line stanza by stanza. People come up with several lines and from those, one is chosen to become the next one. We were thinking a rap, since i'm forcing poss to do the music since I'm not that good at writing music, but this is assuming people are up fo...Click Here | By Eclipse, Yue
Shuzak store? ( 31 replies )
You want a tshirt? You want a hat? I know people have been asking for things, especially tshirts. I also know that jawad doesn't really want to have a store as it seems to be 'profiteering'. I don't have a problem with this how about you? What about rather than premade content that all bland sites have, we have user generated content? That way there can be many types of shirts, hats, what have you. You can support shuzak, and support whoever made your shirt. It's not being ...Click Here | By Eclipse, Yue
Collaboration Projects We Need Now ( 21 replies )
We need to start actively improving things. There are many features that we need to start building now. This thread is an official call to arms. ...Click Here | By evisboy
ShuZle :: Shuzak Clothes ( 17 replies )
What if Shuzak could get it's own clothes line like that other site that does geek content, oh i forgot it and it's not bookmarked but definately this would be a good way to pay for the overheads and we all know that the logo is sound, we could tie the payment in through paypal as i already have a tonne o scripts from my old e-commerce days...Click Here | By biglew
New Shuzak Front Page ( 15 replies )
This is a community effort, I have a simple idea (continuing from the thread Should the frontpage be eliminated) that I would like to share with everyone and progress it as I get ideas. Here it is. ...Click Here | By joshua hatfield
Why are geeks often athiests... On Digg! ( 22 replies )
Well, we finally got around to putting u our collaborative article on Digg, and it's doing none too badly at fifteen Diggs. Let's see if we can add a few more, shall we? http://digg.com/tech_news/Why_are_geeks_often_atheist ...Click Here | By Ati
New Features! Collaborative Help Wiki ( 9 replies )
During a chat session, a couple of weeks ago, Possum, Fibbs, Rob, Ati and a few others suggested that we need a better help file. I think Paul (or Josh) further added that we should host a wiki for the help file so everyone may contribute to it. Yesterday, I read Ati's post and thought it would be a great idea to go ahead and add the help wiki. I was thinking that our first project sh...Click Here | By Jawad Shuaib
Need authors for "Why are geeks often atheist" ( 2 replies )
Hey guys, There is another interesting initiative on Shuzak. We are collaboratively writing an article on "Why are geeks often atheist" using Google documents. Anyone interested in authoring this aritcle should zak me. If the article turns into someth...Click Here | By Jawad Shuaib
cvs? svn? tarball? :P ( 3 replies )
hey ppl where's the source?...Click Here | By Samus_
Everyone is invited to code Shuzak ( 14 replies )
Some of you have already come across Pirana0's awesome chatroom (far less buggy than mine) and it is really a testament of the wonders collaboration brings. In the past, I have asked you guys for specific code snippets; but now I am actually asking you to come forward and code Shuzak Pirana0 (Josh) is coordinating this effort, so if you have interesting ideas to contribute, please contact him (or me, it doesn't matter). I am a proponent of co...Click Here | By Jawad Shuaib
Started Project: Shuzak Chat ( 16 replies )
Project Link: http://www.shuzak.com/public Project Leader: Josh (pirana0) Project Description: This project was created to clean up the code of the current chat. The old chat was lagging and errors were occurring occasionally....Click Here | By joshua hatfield


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