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1. contestants have 7 days to make their best creation on a given topic
2. entries can be ANY medium, programs, pictures, songs.. anything
3. All entries must be original works created specifically for the contest.
4. there will be one topic at a time, the winner of the last topic shall decide the new topic.
5. The Winner shall be allowed to choose a title, from then until another winner is announced all other contestants must call the winner by this title.
6, The winner shall be chosen by the site admin, Jawad.
7. Entries can be hosted independently or emailed to [email protected] to be hosted on shuzak. All that is required is a link be provided in the current topic thread.
8. *new* the winner shall be awarded 100 karma, ONE HUNDRED KARMA!

The Contest III: Haiku ( 23 replies )
A Haiku is a short poem which consists of 3 sentances, first sentance has 5 syllables, second has 7 and third has 5. example: Three things are certain: Death, taxes, and lost data. Guess which has occurred. Not to hard? So write a Haiku about anything you like. Which ever one is the best is the winner! Prize: 100 Karma Title which we al...Click Here | By hail, bonk bonk god of power
Contest Suggestions ( 14 replies )
any ideas on how to make the contest better?...Click Here | By poss
The Contest II: Self Portrait ( 42 replies )
Welcome back to The Contest ladies and gentlemen, an epic competition staged on this hallowed html.The titans of shuzak, gathered as sportsman here, are to be pitted against each other in an awesome frenzy of creation and inspiration. Anyone can enter, anyone can win, The Contest is back. The topic for this contest is: Self Portrait. Up for grabs is: the chance to become the self titled master. 100 karma and the right to decide what the nex...Click Here | By poss
Questions? ( 9 replies )
Any questions about the contest? Rules need clarifying, suggestions or any off topic conversation should be kept here. ...Click Here | By poss
Your vision of the future ( 47 replies )
In there first ever Shuzak contest, I hereby challenge everyone to propose their vision of the future. This vision can be anything, a photomanipulation, a 3d render, a drawing, a painting, a poem, a story, anything at all. It can portray vast interstellar dramas or bleak dystopian landscapes. You are free to do what you like. The admin is being consulted about providing a special prize to the winner, but if he refuses, everyone who ent...Click Here | By Ati


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