The following is a list of frequently asked questions on Shuzak:

Q: What is Shuzak?
A: Shuzak is a social network for geeks, it is composed of a few main things:
Users: We are the lifeblood of Shuzak, bringing fresh information and ideas, creating discussions.
Profiles: These are our controls, keeping us updated and in touch.
Zakbooks: These are guestbooks on profiles.
Chat: You can use chat to communicate in real time with whovever is currently online and logged in.
Topics: These are food for discussion, morsels to be shared, enjoyed and savoured.
Communities: These are groups of like minded users.

Q: What is karma?
A: The karma on your profile is a way Shuzak compensates you for posting interesting replies in communities. When you post a reply that someone else finds interesting, they will rate it (as describe below). Each time someone rates your reply in a community, your profile karma increases by one. Karma may be interpreted as an indication of person's status among their peers. Generally speaking, high karma indicates an important or intelligent person.

Also, there are plans to use it as a form of currency in the near future.

Q: How do I increase the karma on my Profile?
A: The easiest way to gain karma is by posting good replies: items that other people want to read and will subsequently become popular. Generally speaking, people who best understand what others want to be read about will be the best awarded. If someone agrees with what you say on a topic, they can give you 1 karma per post, being informative, funny or asking good questions can also make you karma.

Moreover, giving someone else 1 karma gives you 0.1 Karma instantly, so it pays to give out karma. Similarly, everytime a post within a topic you've started gets given 1 karma, you get given 0.2 karma as well.

Q: Profiles
A: Your profile Is your homepage on shuzak, it contains these things:
Personal Information: is your personal imprint on shuzak, a quick run down of who and what you are.
Profile Picture: This is displayed next to your name in conversation.
Zakbook: This is a method of direct contact between shuzak users.
Videos: This is a place for your videos
History: This provides a list of all of your previous posts.
My Communities: This box displays six of your favourite communities.
Someone Replied to: This indicates that someone has replied to one of your posts.
Recent Posts by friends: These are links to five recent comments by your friends
My Friends: These your four most recent friends.

All of the sections and section titles in your profile are editable, the "books" and "religion" headings are only suggestions, feel free to change them to your liking.

Your display name can also be changed at any time

Q: Topics
A: Topics are many and varied, from interesting articles, papers or art, to questions and chat, a topic is anything you make of it. To Create a new topic, go to a community related to your topic, join that community and then press the post new topic button. Topics do not cost karma to create and end up generating karma.
tip:if you don't enter some related terms, seperated by commas, when submitting a new topic, you may lose the whole post. it may be worth your time to copy the body of your post before submitting, so that none of your posts are lost.

Q: Communities
A: Communities are groups of users who wish to be associated with a subject. A Community page displays all related topics as well as providing a list of top users. Communities cost 3 Karma to Create, but are the only place topics can be started.

if you have a question that was not answered here, add it to this page, or start a new topic