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6 Startup Lessons for the Year 2007 ( 7 replies )
Hey guys, over the past couple of months, concerns have been mounting up that super-star startups like Digg are beginning to lose focus by appealing to everyone. It used to be just us geeks that ruled the topics posted on Digg, but now it is a site for everyone. This got me thinking in terms of any startup; and I followed up on it by reading a couple of books on marketing. The result was ...Click Here | By Admin Jawad
Your Digg Profile ( 14 replies )
I thought this might make for an interesting topic since a lot of people on Shuzak are also Digg members. Post your Digg profiles here and also have a look at mine. I will add some of you guys so we can keep track of each other's Diggs....Click Here | By Admin Jawad


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