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Mad Ant
Male, 25
Location: Belgium
Karma 9.9
Ex-Microsoft Tech Support, I now work as computer programmer in a company specializing in telecommunications. More to come ... such as my photo ...

Male, 21
Religion: Christian
Location: Toronto
Karma 115.1
I am geek... very geek

Male, 20
Religion: Pastafarianism
Location: Hell on Earth
Karma 44.0999
I need a nose job.

Alpha Bravo Charlie
Male, 21
Religion: Hindu & Sikh
Location: Universe
Karma 34
Myself : Mr. Kuldeep Singh Babbar. I am here bcz i luv this website. To know more about me. you have to contact GOD. Oh .Sorry...here's the number 011-91-13-Heaven

Male, 20
Religion: Islam
Location: Toronto
Karma 13.4
I believe that we are people of circumstance and that our lives are a product of where, when and to who we are born. I enjoy various activites including my favs: soccer and baaaaaaaalll

Hammaad Alvi
Male, 18
Religion: Islam
Location: Lahore~Pakistan
Karma 71.9
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum. And the great fleas themselves, in turn, have greater fle

Gokul Guruprasad
Male, 21
Religion: Hindu
Location: Mumbai, India
Karma 29.7
No Study = Fail ............ ( I ) Study = No Fail ........... ( II ) By Adding ( I ) & ( II ), we have, ( No Study + Study ) = ( No Fail + Fail )

David H Dennis
Male, 44
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Karma 25.6
A love of creativity and innovation has dominated my personality pretty much since the time I arrived on this planet. I am creating a new social network too. It's smaller than this but

Male, 0
Religion: All
Location: Maine
Karma 20.6

Male, 21
Religion: Agnostic
Location: Spain
Karma 8.4
I love to be geek. Geekiness it's a mind's gift. And you can have a normal life! There's a lot of envy around the geek... More in: http://imts.wordpress.com/ (just starting...)
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