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About Me:
Ex-Microsoft Tech Support, I now work as computer programmer in a company specializing in telecommunications.
More to come ... such as my photo ...
Loads of things : all things computerish (especially programming languages and operating systems), reading, writing, listening to music, role playing games, sports (fitness, capoeira), ancient architecture and civilizations.
Budding interest in chemistry.
On my bookshelf currently : Harry Potter, Discworld, Michael Denton, Stephen Hawking, Chronicles of Narnia.
Reference bookshelves : several books on ancient civilizations (such as Rome, Greece, Eygpt, ...), System Programming, Assembly, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Linux, and more.
Role Playing Games DM books (Warhammer 1st edition, Vampire, World of Darkness 2.0, Exalted)
I'm not even gonna start enumerating all the books I've had to put in the attic, since I don't have enough room here
People I look up to:
My family.
Biomimetics engineers.
People who are taller than I am.
Geeky Habits:
I'm on the internet a lot, play often enough, too.
I'm pretty tech savvy, keep up to date with the different mouvements that go on.
Computer programming, although that's cheating since it's mainly professionnal. I like to learn new programming languages for the heck of it.
Enormous reading list, I love to read and learn loads of different things, eternally curious.
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