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Male 19
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Poor Atlanta, GA
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All things in the universe are predetermined - the universe is just a fat beige box [computer]. That is to say, time is simply a byproduct of energy and we are living in that representation (which is linear by nature of law of conservation).
Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Unreal Tournament 2004, Lock picking, Rubik's Cube
(In order of how I learned them): VB6, PHP, C++, Java
(Learning): Perl
Favorite Media:
Interview with the Vampire, Beautiful Mind, Predator, The Pianist, The Bourne Identity, Phantom of the Opera (2004), The Matrix, Fight Club

TV Shows:
Family Guy, Futurama, Stargate: Atlantis, Coupling (British version), Star Trek: Voyager, Day Break, Heroes

One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Tsukihime, Death Note
Life Goals:
Get married.
Invent AI that will seek vengeance on organic life.
Live in stasis until I'm revived by my creations who want to know why they exist.
Live until the "end of time" in a test tube with barely any consciousness.
Get a better sense of humor.
Nadeem says
It depends on what you want them to program, I suppose. I can see that a guy with a Phd might not do as well on a content management system, but then a guy with a BS could just as well be screwed if y...(more - reply)