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Cappy's Zakbook
Nadeem says 25 February, 2007
It depends on what you want them to program, I suppose. I can see that a guy with a Phd might not do as well on a content management system, but then a guy with a BS could just as well be screwed if you ask him to code up a cascade-correlation neural network.

I don't think you can really make such comparisons meaningfully, though. Google's PhDs certainly seem to know how to write code, for instance. Maybe those slashdot dudes are just jealous.
LearningNerd says 23 February, 2007
I like Pinky.
Jim Jones says 12 February, 2007
Hello Kappy.

I love to give karma.

Come on over to Karma=Love community and we'll give eachother kamrma?

Peace Homie,
Jim Jones
Admin Jawad says 25 January, 2007
Hey Cappy, good to have you here. How fast can you solve the Rubik's cube?
Hammaad Alvi says
Hey thnx for joining Shuzak. I am your guide around this community, so let me know if you need help with anything

ps) click on "Reply" to zak (message) me back.

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