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Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nickname: Liz
Location: Los Angeles
Karma: 70.9
LearningNerd's Zakbook
paul says 25 February, 2007
had this pic since i signed up mate so like over a month

and hello
Cappy says 23 February, 2007
Your goal is world domination also? Together .. would can rule the cosmos! Of course, I'll be Brain and you will be Pinky but we can switch occasionally.
tofugorilla says 22 February, 2007
Yeah, games are an OK field to get into. Given a do-over I might have picked something a bit more stable tho. Lots of women in charge at my last job- sort of an anomaly. I was likening guns germs and steel a lot , I used to read it everyday riding the bus or metro home from work. Since the layoff it's been stuck on chapter 3 or 4. So much to do, no time to read. Nice drawing blog- you should do a learning language blog if you run out of topics for your other blogs.
p0ss says 19 February, 2007
You are hereby formally invited to join The Contest any entry, any medium, any reward. Bring it on!
Victoria Lea says 16 February, 2007
Haha of course I have an english accent, but it's a northern one so probably nothing like you've heard before. Unless you've heard a northerner speak before. Then again, northern accents are all different depending on where you go, too.

England is okay. It's wet and cold and the people are very british. Anything else you want to know?
Yue says 14 February, 2007
Yeah I agree but I thought it was nice to have it in a list.
Yue says 14 February, 2007
I was just creepily looking through your zaks etc and saw the thing about university podcasts. I thought I'd share a link that I also gave Hx10. If you're a digg member you probably have seen it, sorry for the redundancy if you have.

I think it might be what Miresse talks about.
p0ss says 08 February, 2007
why thankyou, i sadly can not claim responsibility for it or properly acknowledge who created it. How are you finding shuzak?

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