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Age: 18
Gender: Male
Religion: none
Location: Illinois.
Karma: 67.5
Yue's Zakbook
p0ss says 27 February, 2007
don't worry yue, i love you too
Fibonacci's Wench says 27 February, 2007

I love you!!!!!!!!

Where have you been all my life????

I have missed you hahaha
pirana0 says 20 February, 2007
Digg perhaps?
Lacey says 20 February, 2007
I know most people hate inuyasha. i dont know why i like it hahaha. but yeah, trigun is cool. i have the whole series on dvd.
Lacey says 20 February, 2007
I havent even heard of those lol. the only anime i watch is inuyasha and trigun. i really like inuyasha hahaha. im lame.
pirana0 says 20 February, 2007
I don't know where you would know me from I do a lot of web browsing and video games. Perhaps Xbox Live or a forum?
Lacey says 20 February, 2007
what anime do you like?
p0ss says 19 February, 2007
You are hereby formally invited to join The Contest any entry, any medium, any reward. Bring it on!

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