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Age: 18
Gender: Male
Religion: Other
Location: Huber Heigh, OH
Karma: 5.6
pirana0's Zakbook
RyeGye24 says 26 February, 2007
hey pirana0, the chat thing is down due to high traffic, but i cant find the digg article. Is it down cause its on digg? cause if so, send me the link so i can digg it.
Admin Jawad says 24 February, 2007
Hey Pirana0, log into chat and check your task manager (if you're using Windows). The chat app. is taking a lot of resources. And some people are even reporting crashes due to the chatroom. I think this problem started when we made the changes last time. Can you spot the problem>
Admin Jawad says 23 February, 2007
Shuzak's backend ajax is basically an XML file. The xml file contains a list of all the conversations that has taken place since the chatroom was last updated for the user. So sometimes it can be just 1 conversations, and other times it can be 10.

I am glad you wish to code it! Here is my GTalk id: [email protected]
Admin Jawad says 23 February, 2007
Hey Pirana0, that is a great idea. I wanted to do Mod Rewrite but I was afraid of making some regex mistake. Let me know what you need and we will do the mod rewrite! The http://shuzak.com/user/pirana0 might not work since each profile is identified by a unique numerical id. We do this because there could be two people with the name pirana0 on the network.
Yue says 20 February, 2007
Maybe. I know you're on there, but i thought it was somewhere else. ah well i'm nuts.
Admin Jawad says 20 February, 2007
Hey Pirana0, thanks for the suggestion. I think what you suggested already exists on Shuzak. There should be a RSS button on the upper right corner of your zakbook. The rss feed is also available for "New Topics" and "Interesting Topics". We were also thinking of adding RSS feed for the chatrooms
Yue says 20 February, 2007
Maybe a forum then. I have no x-box.
CamouflageNoise says 09 February, 2007
The Alphabet of Manliness might be one of the single greatest texts to come about in the past century.

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