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Age: 21
Gender: Male
Type: sqrt(-1)
Location: Toronto
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Admin Jawad's Zakbook
jared.nance says 26 February, 2007
hey jawad, thanks for the info. now i just have to learn how to code...
Jamie says 26 February, 2007
Hey dude why is chat down???

I saw artical on digg is that why?
Ryan says 26 February, 2007
noooooo!!!! Why you take teh Chatrooms down!?!?!!?
philbo45 says 26 February, 2007
Jawad where the heck are you
philbo45 says 26 February, 2007
Meanwhile check out the post I wrote, Svetalana changed it a little but the message gets accross
philbo45 says 26 February, 2007
Joined a site called Linedin Jawad, I have several friends there who are CEO's and IT professionals etc. They will help you, perhaps we can find you some financial backing and help get hooked up with affiliations
philbo45 says 25 February, 2007
Are you going to push this pretty hard Jawad?
Ati says 25 February, 2007
Thanks. I'll have a look and see what I can do about adding a few features.

You might wasnt to change the password to something less easily guessed though.

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