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Age: 20
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Location: Rome
Karma: 11.6
Jamie's Zakbook
Admin Jawad says 02 March, 2007
Hey, when are you coming back
Admin Jawad says 28 February, 2007
Hey Jamie, yea chat was down because a lot of people were visiting Shuzak. It's better now, come back!
Admin Jawad says 20 February, 2007
Admin Jawad says 20 February, 2007
lol@Hobs. How are you Jamie?
Constantine says 20 February, 2007
A Roman Catholic on Shuzak eh? First one I have seen so far
Rathmaster says 20 February, 2007
oh so THATS how karma works. thanks poss
p0ss says 20 February, 2007
oh, and just to give yo uthe ground rules.
There is no negative karma.
Starting a community costs 3 karma
Starting a thread is free
Giving 1 karma gets you back 0.1
if anyone's post in your thread is given 1 karma, you get 0.2 karma

Delete this post before someone else sees it and discovers the secretes of shuzak lol

no really..
Fibonacci's Wench says 20 February, 2007
I am good =)

thanks, i thought it was slightly original....

What brings u to shuzak?

u r Italian?

My family is from there

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