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* Are you addicted to the internet?
* Do you constantly use such tools as StumbleUpon and del.ic.ious?

* Do you constantly find cool little things that you wish you could share with the masses?

* Have you ever used the word "interbutt"?

Then this group is for you!

Weird spam? ( 28 replies )
I have gotten some of everything in my gmail spam box, but today I got an almost poetic spam email that made it past the filter, it was really weird: Get almost every drug necessities bellisinom. com hears me from across the room This lady let her He scampered along the length of the pole If tears could wash away the blood he spilt can really truly fly No more t...Click Here | By Constantine
Favorite geek T-shirt/accessory place ( 14 replies )
So what's everyones favorite places for geeky stuff? jinx, thinkgeek? start naming them! include what's there, random stuff? strictly shirts?...Click Here | By Yue
Speed reading bookmarklet ( 1 replies )
This is a awesome tool I found that forces you to read quick: http://www.spreeder.com/ and if you look on their tools link they have a bookmarklet that allows you to select any text in a webpage and click it to spreed it! I love this at 500wpm!...Click Here | By Constantine
RSS handling? I use Google Reader. ( 7 replies )
Especially with the new RSS feeds for new topics and interesting topics, google reader kicks ass. Simple keyboard shortcuts for viewing the next article, folders, and in general ease of use make this my favorite RSS reader by far. Have you guys and gals tried it, or do you prefer a different solution?...Click Here | By Constantine
Webdevelopers: (Artists) ( 14 replies )
I am really bad at design, really, really bad at it, and so when I do color schemes for little side projects I do, they always turn out, well, like crap. I was wondering if any of you knows a few good tips on color theory that isnt 800 pages long, or any good tools for suggestions on themes of a site....Click Here | By Constantine
Anyone a big forum junkie? ( 5 replies )
We all know about somethingawful and the other top few, are theremedium-big forums you are a part of that are great? I was part of a few but they seem to be dying....Click Here | By Constantine
Nerdcore: ( 15 replies )
Do any of you listen to Nerdcore, or would be interested in it? To those who don't know Nerdcore is : Nerdcore hip hop, or geeksta rap, is a sub genre of hip hop music that is performed by nerds or geeks, and is characterized by themes and subject matter considered to be of general interest to nerds. Self-described Nerdcore musician MC Frontalot coined the term in 20...Click Here | By Constantine
What is your top 5 websites: ( 35 replies )
I am talking sites you could not live without, that you would cry bitter tears of emo heartbreak over if it went out: My list in no particular order: * Gmail: I cannot live without this beautiful email presence on my internet, all your emails are belong to me. *GotAPI? T...Click Here | By Constantine


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