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The Contest [members: 11]
1. contestants have 7 days to make their best creation on a given topic
2. entries can be ANY medium, programs, pictures, songs.. anything
3. All entries must be original works created specifically for the contest.
4. there will be one topic at a time, the winner of the last topic shall decide the new topic.
5. The Winner shall be allowed to choose a title, from then until another winner is announced all other contestants must call the winner by this title.
6, The winner shall be chosen by the site admin, Jawad.
7. Entries can be hosted independently or emailed to [email protected] to be hosted on shuzak. All that is required is a link be provided in the current topic thread.
8. *new* the winner shall be awarded 100 karma, ONE HUNDRED KARMA!

Food [members: 11]
a community of gastronomers

Science [members: 322]
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. - Einstein

irc junkies [members: 11]
On IRC 24 hours a day? Can you spot a bash imposter on sight? Do you get Klined way too often?

This is the place to come.

Suggest Shuzak! [members: 2848]
Suggest, Comment, Rant, and Discuss Shuzak. Since you guys are the early beta users, any input would be great.

Philosophy [members: 49]
"Believe nothing, O monks, merely because you have been told it … or because it is traditional, or because you yourselves have imagined it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings—that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide." ~ Gautama Buddha (attributed)

PHP [members: 23]
A community for those who love programming in PHP.

Computer Security [members: 40]
All things related to computer security.

A community for people who are interested in the art of fooling the senses.

The art of war is simple; it is a matter of execution - Napoleon

MySQL [members: 3]
For people who like mysql. :)

Shuzak Current Affairs [members: 17]
How is life in Shuzak?

Linguistics [members: 25]
A community created for the discussion of any topic concerning the study of the nature and structure of human language. People from any field of linguistics are invited.

Wireless Technologies [members: 16]
A community for people who are interested in wireless technology such as bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax etc. Everybody's welcome to have a ball !!!

Memoryskills101 [members: 12]
We all know memory is an important thing. we need memory to remember all sorts of things from phone numbers, to shopping lists, to number plates and so on the list goes....

This community in other words you can treat it as your very own memory gym.i will be posting up techniques when i get a chance ASAP. im sure you will like it.

Flash & Actionscript [members: 7]
This group is for discussion of all thing related to Flash, and Actionscript.

Final Thesis [members: 2]
This group is to help people in shooting around ideas for final thesis papers realted to the fields of math and physics for their undergrad. Also If you want to help come up with really intresting ideas for young physcisits and mathamaticians to research and possible publishing in the jurnols

General [members: 15] - Owner
Hello, is anyone there? I want to talk to people... no not really but I feel I'm by myself sometimes..

New IDEAS [members: 15]
This is for the people who want to use other people as sounding boards and get input and critique on ideas they have

Computing [members: 122]
Test ur intellect@computing? Got creative ideas? Security Exploits? Hacking? Programming? Troubleshooting? Heree comez the right place to disccuss all these stufss

Conspiracy Theories [members: 14] - Owner
Big Brother is watching you, the brotherhood are taking over. :P; anything conspiring... Skeptics welcome too, lets debate something.. get something going..

FreeBSD [members: 4]
This community is dedicated to articles related to the FreeBSD programming language.

LUG [members: 3] - Owner
A group for people who take part in or administer a Local LUG

Web Development Help [members: 10] - Owner
Have a problem with css/javascript/xhtml/php/ruby/perl or even ASP < if necessary; ajax? well post the code, ask the question and wait for answer ! (No warranty or obligations)

Computer Networking [members: 13]
This community is concerned with the various topics within computer networking including layer 3 and layer 2 technologies outside of TCP/IP.

"The internet is a series of tubes."

Podcasts + Radio [members: 3] - Owner
Post your favourite podcasts/radio stations in a new topic

Online Gaming [members: 3] - Owner
Play xbox online for free? xbox 360? or your personal preference.. For those who use free tunneling software, or even live; submit gamer tags ! anything;