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If you really wish to know, I'm a geek. Which is a predictable statement right? I'm interesting in alot of things, Programming, Linux, Networks, Security, Podcasts, Web Development, Philosophy, Social Engineering, Rewriting Exploits o0; I play the odd game too, but nothing I can't live without; Games don't really interest me too much. I guess I'm a nice person also, if you want to talk about anything, all posts are welcome on my ZakBook, have a good day :).
Computers, Networks, Programming, Philosophy; you know, the usual geeky stuff :-). ytcracker!!
Software : Ubuntu Linux, BackTrack or Auditor(got most of the stuff needed for everyday network fun); Nvu.
Games : Halo 2, Second Life(not really a game, more of a 3D social network)
Music : ytcracker
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