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Male, 18
Religion: Other
Location: Huber Heigh, OH
Karma 5.6
The name's Josh. I go by three variations of pirana0 also. - http://pirana0.com

Male, 21
Religion: Christian
Location: Toronto
Karma 115.1
I am geek... very geek

Male, 20
Religion: Agnostic
Location: Mexico
Karma 11

Male, -2
Geek Type: Hist. Comp. VG
Location: here
Karma 152
I'm boring. meh However, I did get a Wii on the launch date. Thats right, 16 hours in line.

Fibonacci's Wench
Female, 21
Fave Snack Pistachio's :D
Location: earth
Karma 177
I am into pretty much anything that stimulates my mind so go figure :P

Male, 21
Religion: Athiest
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Karma 232.6
I'm company director of Mr. Whale Ltd. (an yes, i'm not making that up.. lol, no matter what you think) [b]Company site is located:[/b] [link=http://www.mrwhale.com]http://www.mrwhale.com[/link]

Male, 24
Religion: Deist
Location: Australia
Karma 339.703
renaissance man

Jeremiah Hoyet
Male, 18
Religion: Open Source
Location: Florida, USA
Karma 2.5
I'm Jeremiah, I'm an 18 year old kid making the most of today's technologically driven world. Check out my blog: http://www.reeverb.com Digg Profile: http://www.digg.com/users/t

Male, 20
Religion: Retardism
Location: California
Karma 1

Gokul Guruprasad
Male, 21
Religion: Hindu
Location: Mumbai, India
Karma 29.7
No Study = Fail ............ ( I ) Study = No Fail ........... ( II ) By Adding ( I ) & ( II ), we have, ( No Study + Study ) = ( No Fail + Fail )
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