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Male 18
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Open Source Florida, USA
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I'm Jeremiah, I'm an 18 year old kid making the most of today's technologically driven world.

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Leave me a comment or two, I'll try to respond :)
I current work for as a Social Bookmarker, but I love social bookmarking whether I'm getting paid or not.

I also have a passion for computer's insides: I LOVE HARDWARE. Now, to solve my problem. . . money lol
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I get excited about geeky news.
I get excited when I overclock my PC to a new level.
I get excited by geeky girls. . . . . . yeah. . . . erm. . =]
Admin Jawad says
Oh that's alright I read somewhere that Netscape has a fairly smart crowd (smarter than Digg). I hope things are going good for you guys. Shuzak is beginning to pick up space. I am pretty excited ...(more - reply)