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How is life in Shuzak?

Gaming the System ( 0 replies )
The whole point of this post is to hack the karma system. think of this as a karma exchange. You give me karma I give you karma. i hope that motivates the admins to come up with a use for it and for a better reputation system if and when they get to it....Click Here | By muyisaka1
List of Active Members v 2.0 ( 6 replies )
So I just got back from my 2 yearish hiatus from shuzak. Who all is still active and who are the new faces?...Click Here | By RyeGye24
New York ( 3 replies )
I'm leaving for New York on Monday, thought I'd let y'all know I wont be online for a while I get back on the fourth of January But I doubt I'll be on then School starts on the 5th And I turn 16 on the 6th I also have three exams in January So we must say goodbye, my darling; and go, as lovers go, forever ...Click Here | By J3nnif3r
Eclipse,Yue can't post ( 5 replies )
Srsly, he can't...Click Here | By Zenmonk
SHUZAK IS ALIVE AGAIN! ( 12 replies )
We can now post topics more easily, no more of that crazy formatting, no more detroying embeded links. I think this is a really major step forward for shuzak, because posting is the lifeblood of any social site. Here's what was fixed: 1. comma's and quotation marks don't turn into back slashes anymore 2. related terms arent a required field, but the radio buttons are. 3 commas in the related terms aren't required. So now, you just type your...Click Here | By poss
Last person to post in this topic wins ( 85 replies )
its that simple...Click Here | By poss
What's going on with Shuzak? ( 7 replies )
First, apologizes for not appearing on Shuzak as often as I usually do. I wanted to write this post to give everyone a sense of direction with regards to Shuzak. As most of you might already know, Shuzak recently moved to new servers and as a result, we are facing some integration issues. My reason for not replying back to anyone's zak within the last week is largely due to the fact that e-mailing is currently dysfunctional on Shuzak. Josh (who also coded Chat) is fixing that problem atm. ...Click Here | By Jawad Shuaib
Moderators and Voting ( 15 replies )
I was thinking, while reading the responses to poss's "Favourite sexual position", that maybe there should be a small amount of admin power at shuzak. Now, hold on, please read the rest before you shoot it down. I was thinking, people would be able to tag a topic as "offensive" or similiar and these topics would be generated into a list that the "mods/admins" would be able to look through. On each topic page might be a "tag this as offensive" button, where you could click to add it to the list. ...Click Here | By Tom
New Feature! Karma Comparison ( 14 replies )
It's been a loooong time since an update. Actually, as I mentioned in the last topic, there are several new features just waiting to be released. I think Josh has had difficult time staying online for the past two months and as a result has been less active releasing code. But as soon as he figures out the SMTP email authentication code, we will release the new features. Anway, several people on Shuzak have suggested that there should be some kind of a "user ranking" list on the s...Click Here | By Jawad Shuaib
Shuzak dying? Decaying? ( 2 replies )
Topic post has been deleted by the author....Click Here | By Eclipse, Yue
The best possible Shuzak feature ( 22 replies )
I'm creating this thread for the purpose of asking what you guys think is the best feature that could be added to Shuzak in order to improve the site a maximum amount. I'm going to say, personally, a 'suggested' page in the profile, derived from keywords in the 'interests' section. This would help revive old threads as well as showing new users the best Shuzak has to offer. As a second choice, I would say some sort of visual interface (credit for the idea goes to ...Click Here | By Ati

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