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SHUZAK IS ALIVE AGAIN! - 03 September, 2008
poss says
We can now post topics more easily, no more of that crazy formatting, no more detroying embeded links. I think this is a really major step forward for shuzak, because posting is the lifeblood of any social site.

Here's what was fixed:
1. comma's and quotation marks don't turn into back slashes anymore
2. related terms arent a required field, but the radio buttons are.
3 commas in the related terms aren't required.

So now, you just type your text, enter some related terms. and pick a topic from the list. Which is how it should have worked from the start.

Maybe its time to take a fresh look at what you CAN post on shuzak.

you can embed youtube videos

and pictures

add code

 echo "hello shuzak!";

and math

and links

as well as formatting your text

if you need to know how, just hit the (formatting text) link

one tip, make sure you hit "instantly preview" before hitting submit!

So now that we CAN post again, we should! So go forth and post!!

everything you find, everything you think about. just do it!

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Eclipse, Yue says
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... you mean we haven't been able to do that already? Well it's good to know, and you forgot something: the karma bar looks cleaner. Well Jawad I still think you should give me full access to the code, but what a way to get on that, I saw him zak you about the problem.
- Author's History - 04 September, 2008
Zenmonk says
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Can Fibs post?
I agree w/Yue, we could do most if not all of that before.
But the karma bar is v.sexy.

I'm debating how to end this post....Potential quips:
It's still dead
It's dead to me
It's on life support
Its living will demands that we pull the plug
- Author's History - 04 September, 2008
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