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A community for people who are interested in the art of fooling the senses.

VVCVR ( 23 replies )
Very Very Cheap VR I've been working on how to accomplish a VR system for some time, on a reasonable budget. The following is what I've got in terms of a price list: HMD: Cardboard box and duct-tape (negligible cost) Smart phone (already purchased) Magnifying glasses (2-3$ for two of them) Thin client software (free) Motion Tracking: Webcam (already purchased) LED's (10$) Wires (5$) Fo...Click Here | By Ati
Volumetric sound ( 8 replies )
I found this on Digg, and I thought the technology might have some VERY itneresting implication in VR projects. First off though, some intructions. Get a pair of headphones with two speakers. Pull your chair away from anything else, so your hands and feet are not touching anything. Get a blindfold or similar to make sure that you can\\\'t see anything. Be sure to do this, it will drastically improve the illusion. Then play the recording located h...Click Here | By Ati
Cave Automatic Virtual Environment ( 8 replies )
Has anyone had a chance to try one of these? They look really quite remarkable from what I've seen, and I'm considering attempting to build a kind of poor mans verion. They really look quite cool. ...Click Here | By Ati
Odds of a simulated universe ( 52 replies )
Here is an argument I read regarding the odds of living in a simulated universe. It goes as follows: If a civilization progresses beyond a certain level, and can spare the resources, it would begin to create simulated universes stocked with simulated people (for social experiments, sheer megalomania, etc.). There would likely be a large number of these universes, and it seems to follows that you odds of living in a simulated universe as oppsed to a real one are pretty low....Click Here | By Ati
force feedback ( 36 replies )
Here's an idea I had regarding force feedback gloves: what you'd do, is have a series of tubes leading from the tip of each finger to the wrist, then use an electromagnet field to draw ferrofluid into each tube to provide increased resistance. The advantages of this would be that is would be relatively easy to assemble, and fairly compact. Anyone else have any ideas on this subject? ...Click Here | By Ati
Homemade HMDs ( 30 replies )
Has anyone had any experience on assembling head mounted display's? One idea I had was to use a fiber optic cable to carry images from a larger monitor directly to the eyes, thus avoiding the resolution problems. Another idea that came to mind was using hacked cell phones as eye pieces, as you can buy a halfway decent (if a little old) cell phone for a pretty low price, but HMDs tend to be very expensive. Anyone have any crit's, suggestions on these ideas? ...Click Here | By Ati


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