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Male, 21
Religion: Athiest
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Karma 232.6
I'm company director of Mr. Whale Ltd. (an yes, i'm not making that up.. lol, no matter what you think) [b]Company site is located:[/b] [link=http://www.mrwhale.com]http://www.mrwhale.com[/link]

Male, 19
Money: Poor
Location: Atlanta, GA
Karma 123.7
All things in the universe are predetermined - the universe is just a fat beige box [computer]. That is to say, time is simply a byproduct of energy and we are living in that representation (which is

Male, 27
Blief Sysm athiest
Location: Oakland, CA
Karma 29.5
I'm a game developer in Oakland California.

Rob Masson
Male, 39
Religion: Bright
Location: Waltham, MA
Karma 378.301
I am a Solution Architect working for EMC in the Collaboration Team Yahoo Messenger ID: rbmasson2001

Male, 18
Religion: none
Location: Illinois.
Karma 67.5
Rockin' geek. Well poser geek. I'm trying to learn more about stuff, and figured a geek site would probably get me more info on stuff. I should probably mention I am not really all that smart/intel

Male, 24
Religion: Deist
Location: Australia
Karma 343.504
renaissance man

Female, 22
Religion: Atheist
Location: Bay Area, CA
Karma 5.1
They call me Disco C. And by they I mean my Animal Crossing neighbors. I've always hated the "about me" section of these things so I'm going to try to make this as painless as possible

Female, 19
Religion: Atheist
Location: NYC
Karma 41.9
I like making funny faces I'm an atheist and have been my entire life. I am an eyebrow perfectionist I'm biologically female and identify as female for my gender i

Male, 20
Religion: Atheist
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Karma 377.602
Geek, Greek, More to come

Fibonacci's Wench
Female, 21
Fave Snack Pistachio's :D
Location: earth
Karma 179
I am into pretty much anything that stimulates my mind so go figure :P
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