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Male 27
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athiest Oakland, CA
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I'm a game developer in Oakland California.
3D software, my Corvair, drawing, comic books, snowboarding, orniment, sculpting, painting, games, plants, gadgets, design, general science, DIY, pinhole cameras, tea, cooking, Fnords, grape soda, Gameboy DS, Beard Growing...
Currently reading:Guns Germs and Steel.
Currently listening: The Illad

Tipping Point, Sex Drugs and DNA, Blink, Make Mag, Seed Mag, Lone Wolf and Cub, Rules of Play, Gibson, Philip K. Dick, lots of art reference books, wildcats 3.0, d20 Modern, Orgin of the species, The Art of War, The Art of Peace, Principia Discordia(Or, How I Found the Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her.),
People I look up to:
Tom Waits, Richard Dawkins, Peter Molyneux, Steig, Shigi!, Miles Davis, Craig Mullens, Feng Zhu, Alex Dragulesqu, Banksy...
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Buying gadgets, playing games, the interweb, comic books, spend free time developing games...
LearningNerd says
A game developer, eh? That's pretty awesome. I always thought I'd like to do that. I mean, I even wrote a research paper on women in game development for my Gender Studies class, lol. That was a fun ...(more - reply)