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Female 19
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Atheist NYC
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I like making funny faces
I'm an atheist and have been my entire life.

I am an eyebrow perfectionist

I'm biologically female and identify as female for my gender identity. But I love being mistaken for a boy. Gender fucking rocks. I want to look like a very feminine boy but continue being a girl.

My friends tell me that I'm hair A.D.D. They're probably right.

Contrary to popular belief. I am not a vegitarian. Not that I have any issues with vegitarians. But I find it wierd how people are always asuming that I'm a vegitarian just because I'm pale, skinny and like tofu. I happen to think chicken noodle soup is one of the most amazing things in the world.

And FYI I'm gay. and yes I'm on a mostly male site here. If I get too many guys who think lesbian means bisexual bothering me here. I'll be gone, very fast. I have no tolerance for it.
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RPGs, web design, computer stuff
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Fashion and web design? very amusing...(more - reply)