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Captain Clark's Communities :

Music [members: 18]
Whatever music floats your boat. Do you listen to techno or classical while you program? There is no doubt that music can influence how we feel or think to some degree, so how does it affect you, and what do you listen to? Plus, music is based on math and timing, so it is definitely connected in a sense to technology and math and deserves a place here in a geek community.

Life [members: 19]
Everyday Stuff

We love the 360, Live, and most things related to those. Join if you like rocket launchers. (I like rocket launchers.)

The man community [members: 9]
This community is only for the manliest of men. And the burliest of women.

If women get their own community, why can't we? Be a man. Join this community.

Females [members: 12]
Yea. We\'re always out numbered by the guys.

Advanced Tech [members: 33]
All you stallions in Advanced Tech.

Note: Advanced Tech is not a community devoted to Advanced Technology. It's devoted to Matt Pagnani's super rad class which is called "Advanced Tech." In other words this is a bunch of High school kids.

And the girl in the picture is Sara Quin. Everybody go listen to Tegan and Sara.

Karma=love [members: 7]
Karma = love.

share the love.

Jawadism [members: 3]
Jawad is god.

Playstation [members: 3]
For those of you who are part of the Playstation family, look no further.

This community will include the discussion of games coming soon, older games, and even games that won't be coming out for another six months.

And for those of you who have a Playstation 3, you can find friends and buddies here to play with online.