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All you stallions in Advanced Tech.

Note: Advanced Tech is not a community devoted to Advanced Technology. It's devoted to Matt Pagnani's super rad class which is called "Advanced Tech." In other words this is a bunch of High school kids.

And the girl in the picture is Sara Quin. Everybody go listen to Tegan and Sara.

Landroids ( 12 replies )
So DARPA has come up with a seriously cool new autonomous robot that'll provide constant WiFi coverage in Urban Warfare environments. These little buggers are "disposable" and will re-arrange themselves to ensure the coverage remains a connected blanket. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/robots/darpas-landroids-to-autonomously-cover-areas-with-wi+fi-269293.php 2 Cents anyone?...Click Here | By eviljawdy
Future of the modern Transhumanist ( 15 replies )
Hey guys, this thread was inspired by Gringostars comment in another thread about how he got the context of a reference from google, and it set me to thinking: we've all read the stories, but what is likely going to be the biggest reovlution in transhumanism in the immediate future? What are the first steps going to be? Personally, I see memory augmentation systems being popular soons (think a hands-free set that listens to...Click Here | By Ati
Remote Control Pigeons ( 1 replies )
For those of you who have not yet seen this: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/robots/chinese-scientists-learn-to-control-pigeons-239987.php It's information relating to some Chinese scientists who claim to have implanted electronics into some pigeons in order to control how they fly, remotely! Yay, now the episode of Red Dwarf where the "evil" crew try to kill everyone else with Lister, and an implant, could come true ...Click Here | By eviljawdy
Matt Pagnani's Facial Hair ( 3 replies )
A topic devoted to proving evolution through the styles of caprus pagnanius ' s facial hair if you dont know caprus pagnanius then you just can't live anymore...Click Here | By .
HDTV's PLASMA/ LCD ( 3 replies )
All about HD TV's - Problems, good deals, cool ideas, favorite brands. heck, tell me about your HD TV! ...Click Here | By Stephen Grant
Can we make these snow days productive? ( 13 replies )
Two days off of school. Directly following TWO DAYS OFF OF SCHOOL. That means you have had four days off. Please come to class on WEDNESDAY with evidence that you have been productive in some manner. Read a book. Read a book online. Write some research questions. Read the biography of Alan Turing. Read fifteen Newsweeks that your dad has laying around, scouring the papers only for info on TECHNOLOGY. Read Wikipedia from start to finish. Then read it again. Post something on face...Click Here | By Matt Pagnani
The Polar Shift ( 56 replies )
How do you predict the Human race will respond to a Polar Shift/ Even more interesting... Is there something far more serious of a threat to the advancement of technology than the Polar Shift? Super volcano or a comet collision are what I believe are greater threats. We're overdue for all three either way....Click Here | By Jim Jones Jr
The Singularity ( 39 replies )
I know P has really wanted to talk about this so I'll start the topic for him. Why do you think the singularity will occur? What do you think will happen when it does? Also whatever P is gonna bring up =)...Click Here | By Prisoner 24601
It is my opinion ( 16 replies )
That in order to simply Beef up this site there are a ton of stupid threads being posted that nobody cares about. Who cares what some one else's favorite Firefox extensions are? No one. Especially not me. MODEL HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!...Click Here | By
Digital Divide ( 26 replies )
The digital divide is the gap between those with regular, effective access to digital technologies and those without. The term digital divide referes to those who can benefit from it, and those who don't, as opposed to just talking about who has direct access to technology, and those who don't. How do we close this gap between the haves and the have-nots?...Click Here | By Matt Pagnani

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