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Female 18
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EasternOrthodox Houghton, MI
Karma: 8.3
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I'm a chemical physics student at Michigan Tech, looking to do work with Nanotechnology.
Nanotech, Linear Algebra Derived Mathematics (not calc), vector art, Houghton, the blue flavor of jolt and gravitation but not weight, Sustainable Economics but not supply and demand or elasticity, Sufjan Stevens, having anime hair, watching foreign students use the soft serve machine, bills half life 2 glasses, the phrase "ill comma pound your one", rainbows (specifically colorful ones), not falling down the mcnair hill (the little one), chemsci elevator speed, pcharles' references to his antidepressants, sometimes power squids, macs running logger pro, strawberry cream oatmeal, isle royale blueberries, the deterioration of suburbia, SHARKEY but not karl, the current state of byronia, openly mocking teachers who say 1.8 will be covered lightly but then it is 29%, other omaimas, ninjabi, nanoflowers
People I look up to:
not ray kurzweil or k.eric drexler
Geeky Habits:
i almost took C++ over the summer but decided diffyq is way cooler. and matricies make me giddy.
Prisoner 24601 says
Well who else would have an anime char. with "Kiss Me I'm Irish" on it. lol

This is obviously Jeremy....(more - reply)