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Karma, Universal balancing ( 8 replies )
Whatever you do in life it will have positive or negative energy or purpose, If you give you will recieve. It doesn't matter if it is in this life or in the next one. We are infinite consciousness. Nothing is casualty, you create what you have right now, doesn't matter if it is good or bad, is your creation limited or not limited. Each and every step you make it will mark your life. Please be conscious of this and you will have the control....Click Here | By Rafa 420
Who loves this community? ( 9 replies )
Me....Click Here | By Jim Jones
I'm sorry Karma Lovers ( 3 replies )
I know longer have the ability go give Karma. Talk to the adminazi. He took the power to love away from me. I'm sorry I can no longer give you karma....Click Here | By Jim Jones
This community is stupid ( 17 replies )
Why would you pervert the entire concept of good posting and the "reward" associated with it by creating this group? I dont even understand the point. All you do is increase inflation for no purpose except for ego bullshit such as this. ...Click Here | By Constantine
A little more love ( 20 replies )
Karmalove!...Click Here | By Jim Jones
Calm Down ( 22 replies )
Listen it's not like what we're doing here is 'illegal' or something scary like that. You guys are freaks. You guys are overreacting with something as trivial as this stupid karma system that some of us love to share. You see, here in Karma=love we have one simple rule: Give Karma. it's not a crime. We give karma. If you see a post, give it karma. it's not that big of a deal. Some people like Administrator Nazi think that they have...Click Here | By Jim Jones
The Loving ( 22 replies )
There were originally several posts by other Karma Giving enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the karma givers became worried and deleted thier posts. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF LOVE! LOVE EACHOTHER! GIVE KARMA! LOVE AS I LOVE ALL OF YOU! SUPPORT JONESTOWN!...Click Here | By Jim Jones
Let's love on eachother ( 171 replies )
Topic post has been deleted by the author....Click Here | By Jim Jones


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