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Jamie's Communities :

Suggest Shuzak! [members: 2914]
Suggest, Comment, Rant, and Discuss Shuzak. Since you guys are the early beta users, any input would be great.

Students [members: 8]
any age, anywhere, if you are not learning, you are dead. This is a community for people everywhere who are learning, formally or not.

The Contest [members: 11]
1. contestants have 7 days to make their best creation on a given topic
2. entries can be ANY medium, programs, pictures, songs.. anything
3. All entries must be original works created specifically for the contest.
4. there will be one topic at a time, the winner of the last topic shall decide the new topic.
5. The Winner shall be allowed to choose a title, from then until another winner is announced all other contestants must call the winner by this title.
6, The winner shall be chosen by the site admin, Jawad.
7. Entries can be hosted independently or emailed to [email protected] to be hosted on shuzak. All that is required is a link be provided in the current topic thread.
8. *new* the winner shall be awarded 100 karma, ONE HUNDRED KARMA!

Musicians [members: 6]
any style, any genre, everyone here plays music, and we rock!!

Global Stuff [members: 2]
A place to discuss things that affect us all.

Pictures [members: 5]
Post your pictures from the night before or of yourself. (You get the picture, lol)

Photography [members: 7]
reality encapsulated on film, moments frozen and kept in tact. A community for Picturers

Sport [members: 4]
where jocks and geeks blend, and what a strange milkshake they make.