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Male, 21
Religion: Athiest
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Karma 273.201
I'm company director of Mr. Whale Ltd. (an yes, i'm not making that up.. lol, no matter what you think) [b]Company site is located:[/b] [link=http://www.mrwhale.com]http://www.mrwhale.com[/link]

Male, -2
Geek Type: Hist. Comp. VG
Location: here
Karma 156.1
I'm boring. meh However, I did get a Wii on the launch date. Thats right, 16 hours in line.

Male, 18
Religion: none
Location: Illinois.
Karma 71.7
Rockin' geek. Well poser geek. I'm trying to learn more about stuff, and figured a geek site would probably get me more info on stuff. I should probably mention I am not really all that smart/intel

Male, 20
Religion: Church of Rob
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Karma 441.702
Geek, Greek, More to come

Fibonacci's Wench
Female, 21
Fave Snack Pistachio's :D
Location: earth
Karma 309.4
I am into pretty much anything that stimulates my mind so go figure :P

Male, 22
Religion: Atheist
Location: Orlando
Karma 379.4
I am that I am - no, wait - that's that other guy... A few simple facts about me - I'm currently working on a PhD in Computer Science(yes, I'm terrified), and while I don't conform comp

Male, 24
Religion: Deist
Location: Australia
Karma 1160.82
renaissance man

Admin Jawad
Male, 21
Type: sqrt(-1)
Location: Toronto
Karma 531.304
We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. What we think, we become. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. When you've
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