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Viczy's Zakbook
Rob Masson says 16 February, 2007
Celephais huh... I don't beleive I have had the pleasure of reading that yet! Ohhh it's a good day when I discover thre is more Lovecraft to read! *grin*

do check out The Dreamquest of Unknown Kaddath. It is some very good writing.

Rob Masson says 16 February, 2007
Very Nice!

Yeah the themes are pretty limited in Lovecraft's work.. Gaping Maw of Chaos, Horrific Creatures bent on the consumption of human kind, blah blah blah.. *grin* But I have to admit that I find it so fascinating to read and his ability to tickle our fears is wonderful!

Have you read any of his Dreamquest stuff? It is a little more uplifting but of course far from jubilant! *grin*
Rob Masson says 15 February, 2007

Great to have you in the community! I also see you are a Lovecraft fan! Aiy! Aiy! Shub-Nigaraugh! *grin*
Hammaad Alvi says
Hey thnx for joining Shuzak. I am your guide around this community, so let me know if you need help with anything

ps) click on "Reply" to zak (message) me back.

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