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Nullibious interplanetary travel nympholept. Be not timorous, my jactation is fuelled by dictionaries.
Film noir, philosophy, exxxtreme calculus, furries, scientifiction, the intertubes, writing, very special relativity, trig, postmodernism.
Pandora's Star - Peter F Hamilton
A Scanner Darkly - Philip K Dick
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
At The Mountains Of Madness - Howard P Lovecraft
Unfinished Tales - John "Double arr!" Tolkien
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Isaac Asimov
George Clooney (Don't ask)
Winchell Chung (Ask)
Stephen Hawing
Roger Penrose
Anders Fridén
Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong
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Philosophising at inopportune moments
Rob Masson says
Celephais huh... I don't beleive I have had the pleasure of reading that yet! Ohhh it's a good day when I discover thre is more Lovecraft to read! *grin*

do check out The Dreamquest o...(more - reply)