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Male, 21
Religion: Athiest
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Karma 232.6
I'm company director of Mr. Whale Ltd. (an yes, i'm not making that up.. lol, no matter what you think) [b]Company site is located:[/b] [link=http://www.mrwhale.com]http://www.mrwhale.com[/link]

Fibonacci's Wench
Female, 21
Fave Snack Pistachio's :D
Location: earth
Karma 179
I am into pretty much anything that stimulates my mind so go figure :P

Male, 27
Blief Sysm athiest
Location: Oakland, CA
Karma 29.5
I'm a game developer in Oakland California.

Rob Masson
Male, 39
Religion: Bright
Location: Waltham, MA
Karma 377.301
I am a Solution Architect working for EMC in the Collaboration Team Yahoo Messenger ID: rbmasson2001

Female, 28
Religion: agnostic
Location: Long island,Ny
Karma 33.2
Hello, I'm aspiring actress,artist, whom is striving in the realms of computer tech industry, besides that i tend karaoke events, avid collector of movies,video gaming etc ---------------------

Karma 103.1

Male, 21
Religion: Atheist
Location: Earth, Sol
Karma 261.8
I am.

Admin Jawad
Male, 21
Type: sqrt(-1)
Location: Toronto
Karma 519.305
We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world. What we think, we become. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. When you've
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