Gender: Age:
Female 28
Religion: Location:
agnostic Long island,Ny
Karma: 33.2
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About Me:
Hello, I'm aspiring actress,artist, whom is striving in the realms of computer tech industry, besides that i tend karaoke events, avid collector of movies,video gaming etc
in the realms of video gaming :
xbox live: VideoGamingGal
Online games that i'll be playing:
Mortal Kombat Deception,Mortal Kombat Armageddon etc

hanging out w/friends,Computer technology, making jewelry, video gaming, digital photography
movies, karaoke, hardcore/metal music shows and more
zoology,true crime,Computer technologies,maxx comics
and much more
People I look up to:
selected family members,Friends,Leo Laporte, Patrick norton, Christina Ricci, Rose Mcgowan,Shirley Manson, and many others
Geeky Habits:
DL.TV ,,cnet news,extremetech,
collecting cf/sd media, learning codes etc
Hammaad Alvi says
lol thanks! Life is going fine, the medical thing is tough here though. What about you?...(more - reply)