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Male, 21
Location: USA
Karma 7
Rocket Scientist gone wrong!

Male, 18
Religion: None
Location: Florida
Karma 111
I never know what to say in these things. If I knew who I was, I'd probably kill myself.

Male, 27
Religion: Athiest
Location: Columbia, MO
Karma 115.9
Degree: Major: Bachelors in Computer Science Minor: Business Career: 2 Years *Enterprise LAN* Data Networking 1 Year Network Administration 3 Years De

Hammaad Alvi
Male, 18
Religion: Islam
Location: Lahore~Pakistan
Karma 71.9
Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum. And the great fleas themselves, in turn, have greater fle

Matthew Windsor
Male, 28
Blood type green
Location: USA, NC
Karma 30.9
I'm a 28 yr old college student trying to be a programmer.

Rob Masson
Male, 39
Religion: Bright
Location: Waltham, MA
Karma 371.301
I am a Solution Architect working for EMC in the Collaboration Team Yahoo Messenger ID: rbmasson2001

Male, 18
Religion: Other
Location: Huber Heigh, OH
Karma 5.6
The name's Josh. I go by three variations of pirana0 also. - http://pirana0.com

Female, 21
Religion: Christian
Location: Classified
Karma 2.8
I rock.

Female, 28
Religion: agnostic
Location: Long island,Ny
Karma 33.2
Hello, I'm aspiring actress,artist, whom is striving in the realms of computer tech industry, besides that i tend karaoke events, avid collector of movies,video gaming etc ---------------------

Fibonacci's Wench
Female, 21
Fave Snack Pistachio's :D
Location: earth
Karma 177
I am into pretty much anything that stimulates my mind so go figure :P
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