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Regular Expressions [replies: 19]
Are you familiar with these? Do you use them a lot? Do you like them, love them, hate them? Were they difficult to learn? I'm learning PHP and I came across regular expressions, having ...
PHP - Posted By LearningNerd
Any DDR Fans Here? [replies: 5]
I've been obsessed with DDR -- well, no, not really obsessed, but it's a normal part of my day. It has been for the last few years, too. Partly for exercise, partly for fun, maybe occasionally to show...
DDR - Posted By LearningNerd
And I mean genuinely, actually FUN fun. Addictive doesn't necessarily mean fun. When you're killing the same monster over and over again to get to the next level, that isn't too fun. Maybe it's fun to...
Games - Posted By LearningNerd
Just curious -- that and I needed to start my community for autodidacts with some kind of thread! I don't know how many people would be interested in a community for self-learners, so maybe this'll gi...