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Greatest Songwriter of All Time - 19 February, 2007
Captain Clark says
in your opinion, who is the greatest songwriter of all time?
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Isaac Newton (Real) says
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John Lennon
- 19 February, 2007
Captain Clark says
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for me, its a very hard question to answer. there are so many artists whose lyrics actually mean something. but in my opinion, the best songwriters out there have to be
-Chuck D-Public Enemy
-John Lennon-Beatles
-Bob Dylan
-Pete Townsend-The who

- 19 February, 2007
Scorcho says
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Johnny Cash
Damon Albarn
Mike Patton
Garth Brooks
Rivers Cuomo

If I had to pick a single one, even though my personal favorite is Damon Albarn, I'd have to say Johnny Cash, he was so incredibly influential and his songs were full of very deep and usually very dark meanings, it's hard not to pick him.
- 19 February, 2007
GringoStar says
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gotta Include Tom Waits, Great songwriter and Actor.
- 19 February, 2007
Captain Clark says
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ya scorcho, i forgot about damon albarn. i think hes a brilliant songwriter. though if you listen to some songs from blur, his lyrics are kinda lame (though the music is catchy as hell). but later in his career with the Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad, And The Queen his lyrics really picked up and actually meant something important which i truely respect out of him.

i also agree with all but one and that's eminem. dont get me wrong, i love hip-hop and some rap but its interesting how you choose him over a lot of other influential musicians. whys that?
- 19 February, 2007
p0ss says
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my favourites are:

I suppose the greatest song writer would have to be nana maskouri, she has sold the most records out of anyone, outstripping even abba and elvis
- 19 February, 2007
Scorcho says
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Blur lyrics lame? How dare you! Listen to The Great Escape, Parklife, Leisure, hell ANY of their albums and tell me which songs are lame! I can name extremely good lyrical songs from any album they've released. Matter of fact, I'll do so, here are some standouts.


Wear Me Down


This is a Low
Girls and Boys (poppy song but it has a good meaning)
London Loves

Modern Life...

For Tomorrow
Colin Zeal
Chemical World
Sunday Sunday

The Great Escape

Entertain Me
Best Days
Fade Away
He Thought of Cars
It Could Be You


Country Sad Ballad Man
You're so Great
I'm Just a Killer for Your Love

Think Tank

Out of Time
Good Song
Brothers and Sisters
Battery in Your Leg

Sorry to all who were bored by the list. As for Eminem, I'm actually not usually a hip hop fan, but I picked him because his lyrics are incredibly impactful and can strike a very deep nerve. They're also very clever and well put together. His talent is completly undeniable.

- 20 February, 2007
Cappy says
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I would say this independant student/singer.

I don't know who else likes her but I'm entitled to my opinion!
- 20 February, 2007
pirana0 says
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I'm with Scorcho, Damon Albarn all the way.

His work with the Gorillaz was very creative. The story line of all the members of the (virtual) band was the best part of it.

Blur has awesome lyrics along with his new project The Good, The Bad, and The Queen.
- 20 February, 2007
Fibonacci's Wench says
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there are so many singers and songwriters that have had impact on my life so I cannot name them all so I shall just state what song just came into my head

Dance of the sugar plum fairy....

- 20 February, 2007
Scorcho says
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And on top of that I forgot to add the Album "13"...

I love Damon's new projects, too, it's amazing what good work he does.

Graham Coxon is also awesome but his music is more guitar power-pop and not as lyrically heavy, though it's fantastic in it's own right.
- 21 February, 2007
Rob Masson says
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Ok.. I have to put a big Canadian plug in for my favorite lyricist.. And this is really an homage to all the Canadian Geeks out there:

- Stan Rogers

I bet you all thought I was going to say Bryan Addams didn't you... Fooled ya!

Stan wrote some of th emost amazing Folk songs ever and a lot of great maritime Drinking Songs.. . Just an amazing talent, and his songs read like poems.. Incredible!
- 23 February, 2007
Ati says
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Song writer?
I don't know.

I say Beethoven.
- 24 February, 2007