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....'Interesting' movies. - 20 June, 2007
Ati says
I just saw 'Little miss Sunshine' for the first time.


I don't think I've ever seen a film quite like that.

I recommend it highly, but I would suggest watching it on the understanding that you will spend a significant ammount of the movie cringing.

Anyone else have a movie that they loved, but wouldn't watch again except at gunpoint?
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poss says
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yeah, Pan's Labrynth.

I think little miss sunshine was so disturbing because it delt with pedophilia in such a sly way, the tenderness and frivolity with which the matter was dealt with made it all the more disturbing.
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Ati says
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I'm assuming your talking about the last few 'beauty pagent' scenes?

I think that was more a sarcastic assault on beauty pagents (juvenile ones specifically) than it was a commentary on pedophilia. That's just my view of the matter though.
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CamouflageNoise says
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Strange, I tend to like movies more based on the ability to enjoy them upon many later viewings. That's the reason I've seen Pan's Labyrinth, Little Miss Sunshine, Dumb and Dumber, Children of Men, etc. If I had to choose one though, I guess it'd have to be The Godfather. I loved The Godfather, but it moves a little slow for my tastes. This movie has some of the most classic lines and some of the greatest scenes in American cinema, but the pacing keeps me away from multiple viewings.
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jared.nance says
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i actually just had this talk with a friend after sitting him down to watch oldboy. i think it has tremendous replay value, but it is a little tough at times.

requiem for a dream.
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Joe says
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I've been meaning to see Oldboy...

I don't know if there's a movie that I liked that I wouldn't want to see again. I think maybe the closest is Hard Candy just because it's such a jarring movie as far as concept goes.
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poss says
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i can see that angle Ati, and there was definately that element about the entire movie. The grandpa did teach her those moves tho, and watched her perform them hundreds of times. thing is, he wasn't really a sleeze, so it wasn't very obvious. But that doesn't change the obvious enjoyment he got from watching his underage daughter performing sensual moves.
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Joe says
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Eclipse, Yue says
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I still need to see it. It's at my local video store mocking me. jerk.
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(Guest) Guest says
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some great movies:
Angel-A http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0473753/
Running Scared http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404390/
Hot Fuzz http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0425112/
Trainspotting http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117951/
Das experiment http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0250258/

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Ati says
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Frankly Poss, I think the other girls in the pageant were a heck of a lot more creepy than grandpa ever could be.
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Fibonacci's Wench says
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Poss we have had this discussion!
I feel the grandfather was doing it as a joke because he just wanted to cause a stir.
I think the entire movie gives an insight into an average household but certain aspects have been dramatised to get the point across.

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Re(V)aN says
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bladerunner, akira.
i would love to see them again. its obvious why they are cult classics, but i DID spend a good deal of both of them cringing.
bladerunner, my mom told me, was "an action movie, lots of action and stuff" and to be honest, yes it did have some action. but it wasnt the most EXCITING movie ive ever seen. but mentally i'll never be quite the same again. bladerunner's good quote- "too bad she wont live. but then again, who does?"
akira on the other hand, was full of action, and still disturbing. arcane mystic weirness meets gang battles meets large corrupt government meets future... somewhere in asia, i think china. would love to watch them both again. only without mom's commentary on bladerunner, and not in such bad resolution on google video for akira.
- Author's History - 26 June, 2007
zenmonk says
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Eraserhead? Actually, I do want to watch that one again, just to confirm it was as horrible as I initially thought it was, now that I have kids of my own.

Actually, a lot of Lynch movies fall into this category. But I love Lynch's stuff...most of it anyway. His version of Dune sucked much ass though. Except for Piter.

Crispin Glover makes any film 'interesting'; I just can't tear my eyes away from the screen.

Dennis Hopper too.
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anna_bay21 says
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The movie is definitely worth it...It is different from anything else..which is why I like it!!!
- Author's History - 04 July, 2007
Arnold says
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Transformer and Die Hard 4.0

Great Movies
- Author's History - 05 July, 2007
gadget00 says
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movies that where good, but may not see them again:
- Gone With The Wind: awesome movie, but almost 4 hours?
que va!(babelfish SPA-ENG: forget it!)
- Top Gun: that was good also, but I didnt enjoyed enough the 2nd time i saw it; and it has exponentially decreased since then.
- Titanic: come on! that has to be just once in a lifetime

those are the ones on my mind right now. Cheers.
- Author's History - 10 July, 2007
Stefano says
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Well, i don't know if anyone ever seen Boxing Helena, but is one of my favourite films and still i cant watch it for the second time.

Requiem For A Dream is also in my "have-to-watch" list.
- Author's History - 12 July, 2007
Rob Masson says
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I LOVED Seven but I cna never bring myself to watch it again it was just so disturbing! The movie was so tightly shot and edited it was just brilliant but the build up to the horrific ending was emotionally draining.

In a similar vein, I don't care to see Schindler's List ever again although I thought it was an incredible movie! It was just so hard to see the cruelty and horrors perpetrated on so many innocent people.

Movies I loved and recommend but don't watch repeatedly (but would watch again once or twice) would also include:
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - so clever and engaging but once you understand it the thrill is diminshed on subsequent viewings

- Memento - Such a twisted plot and an amazing ride that you will never be able to recapture on subsequent viewings.

- Blair Witch Project - 'Nuff Said.
- Author's History - 19 July, 2007