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All about movies and film. What are your favorites movies and actors? What movies or actors do you absolutely despise? Can film be considered an art form or just mindless entertainment?

The Bourne Supremacy ( 16 replies )
Just watched this today, and though it was very interesting. Anyone have any comments?...Click Here | By Ati
Get Smart (again) ( 8 replies )
I went to the theater a few days ago to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and imagine my surprise when, having arrived and hour and a half early to see the commercials (and more notably to avoid lines), I heard the opening bars of the theme music for one of my favorite shows. After watching the trailor, I must say I'm excited. Steve Carrel is not Don Adams, but I must say he fits the role well. The rest of the casting didn't ring so true, but I didn't notice any m...Click Here | By Ati
The fountain ( 2 replies )
I just saw this recently. Good dialogue, excellent special effects (especially given that next to no CGI was used), but I really have no clue what the whole debacle was about. Anyone got any ideas?...Click Here | By Ati
....'Interesting' movies. ( 19 replies )
I just saw 'Little miss Sunshine' for the first time. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a film quite like that. I recommend it highly, but I would suggest watching it on the understanding that you will spend a significant ammount of the movie cringing. Anyone else have a movie that they loved, but wouldn't watch again except at gunpoint? ...Click Here | By Ati
Worst book-to-movie debacle ( 22 replies )
I'm watching I, Robot right now, and I'm wondering how the producers got away with naming the movie as such - the lead character in the movie doesn't even appear in the books at all. What do you think is the worst movie ever made from a book? ...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
Your favorite "popcorn" movie ( 19 replies )
Everyone has a movie they love to watch, in spite of (or because of) its complete lack of intellectual/artistic value. Summer blockbuster action movies, comic book thrillers, horror flicks? What's your time waster?...Click Here | By QuantumBeep
The Transformers ( 11 replies )
Seriously, why has nobody posted this topic yet? You call yourself geeks/dorks/nerds/[insert stereotypical name for an intelligent yet slightly antisocial person]? Are you going to go see it? And if so, how many times? Or do you think Michael Bay is going to completely destroy one of the best cartoons to grace this world? I read somewhere about a group of people who got an exclusive look at 30 minutes of the film. Their reviews were nothing but goo...Click Here | By CamouflageNoise
Anime - Hayao Miyazaki ( 6 replies )
Hayao Miyazaki is my favourite anime director, I absolutely adore his quirky and meaningful films. Have you any watched any, if so what did you think of them, do you have a favourite?...Click Here | By poss
New Terminator Trilogy Planned ( 5 replies )
apparently production will begin immediately, with a release date for terminator 4 currently set as 2009. Read more here...Click Here | By poss
forgotten films ( 4 replies )
hello fellow geeks, dont you just hate it when you cant think of the name of an obscure movie that you have seen, well then it usually takes ages to get the name back in your mind and your nowhere near a comp when it does pop back in, this thread is for us to help eachother with the names of these films, i'll start us off with the film i need a name for, it has a king it's scifi/fantasy the planet has two halves and at one point the king has something put in his foot that burrows up his body, iv...Click Here | By biglew
HSX (Hollywood Stock Exchange) ( 2 replies )
HSX The site is basically a stock game, only it deals in movies and actors/actresses instead of in actual stock. The prices are based on their total gross in the box office. For example, a stock valued at H$100.00 would be expected to take $100 Million during its run at the box office. Movie stars are figured out through some equation involving the money the movies they star in makes. My username ...Click Here | By CamouflageNoise

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