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Geeks are losers. But this world jsut wouldn't be the same without 'em.! (for beating up purposes etc..)

So joing in if u have any opinion watsoever on geeks!

What type of geek are you? ( 2 replies )
There are all types, shapes and forms of geekiness! You could be a science geek or some obscure type of geek. What is your specialty? What have you mostly been all your life? I would say that I am a philosophy geek.... *ponders* ...Click Here | By Fibonacci's Wench
the geekiest geek in geekdom ( 15 replies )
Who is the geekiest person on Shuzak? and who is/was the geekiest person ever? ...Click Here | By p0ss
enough is enough! ( 1 replies )
In the beggining, the internet used to be entirely composed of geeks, but it was violated, by the evil AOL , in an endless attack, a stream of newbies that became known as "...Click Here | By p0ss
I'm proud of who I am ( 73 replies )
I'm always being called a geek, but I'm not always called a loser. We've got to stop putting ourselves down and be proud of who we are I like having this knowledge and expertise. I like having geeky interests. You all should agree too ...Click Here | By Victoria Lea
Measure of Success ( 19 replies )
I always wonder, success, how do you measure success? what are the basis of being deemed successful? Is it a benchmark that an individual establishes and goes by, or is it society that labels one as? And its implications - do people lead their lives according to the code of success? to gain success? does it affect our socio-economic status quo? And finally, does it matter if 'people' consider you successful. Is the perception of social acceptance more important tha...Click Here | By Gulblah
my brother is a geek! ( 42 replies )
help! my bro is a geek! is it a contagious disease??!...Click Here | By Kool Uncool


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