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enough is enough! - 12 February, 2007
p0ss says
In the beggining, the internet used to be entirely composed of geeks, but it was violated, by the evil AOL , in an endless attack, a stream of newbies that became known as "the september that never ended". As time has progressed the situation has only got worse.
Once usenet was killed by AOL it was the turn of the WWW to take a hit, what was once a barely navigatable assortment of hobbled together university and hacker pages was catalogued and made searcable, it quickly became full of hideously gaudy newbie pages, and then overun by corperate websites. Geocities and angelfire, the GIF plague. Today we have a WWW where it is nearly impossible to find a page without adds, and these are squashed in beneath the corperate monstrosoties perched at the top of every search result, worst of the lot, the vaccine resistent version of the gif plague, myspace.
lately it has been getting worse, there seems to be a huge push to "coolify" geeks. This is not cool.
As corperate funding, girls and style nazi's move in our traditional stomping grounds, claiming digg and psyorg and slashdot as their own, we are divided and distracted. Are we being too complacent? are geeks, on the internet we invented, in danger of becoming extinct?
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Cappy says
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Non-techies on the internet make us look cool and generate the $$$ to keep internet companies (games, services, shops) running. Non-techies deserve to be on the internet as much as techies do, and the technology developed benfits everyone. Except Myspace. Myspace is a breeding ground of people I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot floppy.
- 12 February, 2007